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Trophy Taker Xtreme FC Arrow Rest Review

Trophy Taker Xtreme FC Top Slot Fall Away Arrow Rest
Trophy Taker Xtreme FC Top Slot Fall Away Arrow Rest

Review Status:

This Trophy Taker Xtreme fall away rest requires review

Have you used the Trophy Taker™ Xtreme drop away arrow rest? Let others know how well this rest performs by leaving a review. Is it quiet? Easy to set up and adjust? I’m wondering how the Trophy Taker™ Xtreme compares to the NAP® Apache arrow rest.

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Manufacturer’s Specs:

The Trophy Taker™ Xtreme FC Top Slot Fall Away Arrow Rest loads quickly and easily while ensuring arrow capture and retention over 320 degrees of bow rotation.

The patent pending Xtreme Arrow Rest Series features an ultra-quiet full capture launcher, innovative Drop Stop Launcher Noise and Vibration Dampener, one of a kind PVC rubberized ring coating, no tools, and no fasteners to quickly install the cable clamp.

  • Original One Piece Stainless Steel Launcher
  • Windage and Elevation Marks Make Adjustments a Snap
  • Angled Slot Offers Full Arrow Containment and Full Bow Rotation
  • Tried and True Trophy Taker Fall-Away Design

Outdoorsman Review:

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