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NAP Spitfire Maxx Broadhead Review

NAP Spitfire Maxx Broadhead

NAP Spitfire Maxx Broadhead

Review Status:

The Spitfire Maxx broadheads were reviewed by a master Outdoorsman

Have you shot NAP’s Spitfire Maxx™ broadheads? How do you like them? Do they open when they need to? Are they a quality mechanical broadhead? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

NAP Spitfire Maxx Broadheads – 3 Pack

(4/14/11) The review for NAP’s Spitfire Maxx broadheads was left for us by Erik U. from Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Thanks for your review Erik.

Outdoorsman Review:

I was always apprehensive about switching to a mechanical broadhead from a fixed blade. After much research I decided to try the NAP Spitfire line of broadheads due to the lack of bad reviews and how it has been a staple in the mechanical broadhead world for so long. I did want to go with a large cut so i opted for the Maxx.

These broadheads are no joke! I shot 5 deer and a bear with these heads this year and every wound and bloodtrail was unbelievable. They fly true and require very little tuning (if any). They completely devastate the flesh / bone they come in contact with, and they are very durable. I only had one head have a blade bend this year and it was due to a shoulder shot… and the buck only went 40 yards.

I highly recommend these heads to anyone.

Manufacturer’s Specs for the Spitfire Maxx™:

  • Available weight – 100 grain
  • Cutting diameter – 1-3/4 inches

The Spitfire Maxx will open NOMATTER WHAT

The design of the Spitfire GUARANTEES that they will open, at any shot angle. Even closed the Spitfire blade is already partially open, so it has to continue to open when the target touches the blades. They WILL slam shut after passing thru a target and hitting the dirt. There will be a little dent in the aluminum ferrule where the back of the blade rests when the head is in the full open position. In the 12 years that this head has been on the market, we have not had a SINGLE failure of the Spitfire not opening.

High Angled Shots are NO PROBLEM with the Spitfire

A lot has been talked about recently about the angled shot capability of mechanical heads. The Spitfire broadhead handles these types of shots with ease. Blades will ALWAYS deploy properly on high angle shots. Remember, not much beyond a 45 degree angled should be attempted with a bow regardless of whether it’s a fixed blade or mechanical.

The Microgrooves really work

NAP’s patented microgroove ferrules channel the air over the ferrule for better flight. More importantly, they slide thru and penetrate bone much better that standard ferrules.

It doesn’t take a lot of energy to open this broadhead

A lot a people talk about how much energy mechanicals need to open. The Spitfire will open with less than a pound of energy. The pressure you feel when you open the head by hand is not the same pressure that occurs when the head is flying fast. This being said, we recommend that anyone shooting ANY of our broadheads, mechanical or fixed blade, have at least 45 pounds of kinetic energy and have excellent arrow flight to get the best chance at a pass thru.