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Trophy Taker Smackdown FC Arrow Rest Review

Trophy Taker Smackdown FC Arrow Rest

Trophy Taker Smackdown FC Arrow Rest

Review Status:

The Smackdown FC arrow rest was reviewed by a master Outdoorsman

Are you using Trophy Taker’s™ Smackdown™ FC drop down rest? How do you like this rest? Have you used it while hunting? Is it quiet? Let the rest of us hunters know by leaving your comment below.

Trophy Taker Smackdown FC Arrow Rest – Camo

(1/27/11) The review for the Smackdown FC was left for us by Dan M. from Wisconsin. Thanks Dan for your review of the Smackdown.

Outdoorsman Review:

The Trophy Taker Smackdown FC takes full capture arrow rests to a whole new level. After much research I decided on the Trophy Taker Smackdown FC. The rest is quality constructed out of all metal, no plastic here! The Trophy Taker also has the full capture feature to keep an arrow ready to be drawn at all times.

The installation process was a breeze. The rest can be installed in two ways, either using the included clasp and attaching to your bottom limb, or using the included clamp and attaching to your down cable of your bow. Total install time for me was less than 10 minutes. Had I actually known how simple the setup and installation was, I would have purchased one sooner!

The rest is very quiet with the rubber dampers that are used when the rest drops upon launching an arrow. The arrow guide is covered with nicely fit mole skin and the full capture housing is dipped in rubber coating.

The only downfall I have seen is the size. The rest is quite large. I think it could be just as good if made smaller. Overall, the rest is very user friendly with high quality construction. The price is comparable to what other rests of this style are. In my opinion, it was money well spent!

Manufacturer’s Spec for the Smackdown FC:

  • Activation Cord Connects to Lower Limb or Up Cable
  • No Cable Tension at Full Draw
  • Increased Arrow Support Time, Easily Tunes with Today’s Speed Bows
  • Included Limb Attachment Clasp Installs Quickly and Adjusts Easily
  • Launcher Pivots On Rock Solid Bearings
  • Drop Stop Launcher Silencer Included With Every Rest
  • Multiple Broadhead Guard or Containment Ring Options Available as Accessories

The SmackDown™ is designed for attachment to the bottom limb or the upward moving cable. Using the limb or up cable to operate the rest allows the launcher to raise early as the bow is drawn, lifting the arrow long before the broadhead approaches the bow and long before the cams break over into the letoff position. When the bow is shot, the arrow travels along the launcher for nearly the full length of the shaft resulting in increased arrow guidance time. The increased time that the launcher guides the arrow during the shot makes tuning challenging bows much easier. At the last instant, the launcher is pulled down out of the path of the vanes and held firmly in the down position.

As an added bonus, the SmackDown™ promises to be the quickest and easiest rest to set up and tune that Trophy Taker has introduced to date. Be sure to visit your local archery retailer and put the SmackDownTM in action on your hunts this year.