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Scott Archery Shark Release Review

Scott Archery Shark Release

Scott Archery Shark Release

Review Status:

The Scott Shark release was reviewed by a master Outdoorsman

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Scott Archery Shark Dual-Caliper Release

Outdoorsman Review:

(1/21/11) The review for Scott’s Shark release was provided by Patrick R. from Kansas. Thanks Patrick for another great review.

I was in the market for a release, as I am just getting back into archery after 20+ years. Back then, I used finger tabs, as releases were way too expensive for this 14 year old budding archer to afford.

I stopped by the closest pro shop to try some releases and hopefully get an idea of what I wanted. I tried releases from three or four different manufacturers to get a broad feel for what is out there. Being on a budget, I didn’t bother looking at the $100+ releases that were available. What I discovered, though, is that there is a huge difference between a $60 release and a $25 release.

After trying several releases I settled on the Shark double caliper release from Scott Archery. The buckle strap is soft yet firm enough to hold its shape very well, with several holes for a wide range of adjustment. The 4-hole length adjustment is easy to change by removing a set screw, extending or retracting the shaft, and replacing the screw.

The trigger is adjustable for weight; however, the tension is very nice from the factory, and I haven”t felt the need to play with it yet. The forward trigger design is a blessing for a short draw fellow like me. My anchor point is comfortably behind my jaw, while the long head on some of the other brands moved my anchor point onto my neck (I refuse to shorten my already short draw length). Release is crisp with no travel. Even as I tried other Scott releases in single caliper and hook style, I kept coming back to the Shark. I couldn’t justify the extra $15 for the hook-style Silverhorn that I tried, at least not for my first release.

What I like:
Just about everything, actually. The jaws open wide enough to facilitate easy loading onto the D-loop, they snap open and close with precision, and the crisp trigger response means it releases when you want it to instead of at some point after you begin to press it.

What I don’t like:
It doesn’t come in my choice of camo. It’s either black or Mossy Oak. Really, that’s the only thing I don’t like about it.

I may graduate at some point in the future to a hook-style release that will be even easier to load onto the string loop, but for a mid-priced release to start with, this is an incredible release for the money. I paid a bit more for it at the pro shop as opposed to buying it online, but I want to support my pro shop so they stick around. Even at a slightly higher price, the Shark is a great value.

Manufacturer’s Specs:

  • Compact, double-caliper archery release
  • Roller sear for the smoothest-possible trigger pull
  • New streamlined design
  • Available with 4-hole length adjustment or NCS connection system
  • Forward, knurled trigger to maximize draw length
  • Compact, dual-jaw
  • Ideal for high-performance, short axle-to-axle bows

Review of Scott Archery Mongoose Bow release

Scott Archery Mongoose Release

Scott Archery Mongoose Release

Review Status:

This Scotts Archery Mongoose release requires review

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Manufacturer’s Specs:

  • Larger, ergonomic head design for those who prefer a slightly larger release
  • Improved jaw radius
  • New, in-line single caliper design (patent pending)
  • Available with 4-hole length adjustment or NCS connection system
  • New, one-piece curved trigger design
  • Incredible accuracy and durability

Outdoorsman Review:

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