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Bohning 5 Tube Target Hip Quiver Review

Bohning 5 tube target hip quiver

Bohning 5 tube target hip quiver

Review Status:

The Bohning hip quiver reviewed by a master Outdoorsman

Have you got the Bohning 5 tube hip quiver? What do you think of it? Let us archers know by leaving a comment below.

Bohning 5 Tube Target Hip Quiver

(3/25/11) And another fine review left for us by Tom F. from Clifton Park, New York. Thanks Tom for your great reviews.

Outdoorsman Review:

I recieved my Bohning target hip quiver in the mail Wednesday night and have used it twice since then. Once shooting indoor Vegas style and once in a small outdoor 3D shoot. I have to say i love it. Its size is perfect. It has enough storage for for releases, wax, arrow lube, even your wallet or a small bottle of water, while still staying compact and not too bulky, like many other hip quivers.

Its material is very durable and even held up when i slipped with my arrow and poked it directly in the side of the quiver. I particularly enjoy the 5 arrow tubes that this comes with. Having more separted tubes allows for arrow seperation. Now if you have an arrow or two that break or are unusable during a shoot or you have one or two particular arrows that fly better, separation is super easy. No more fumbling through two arrow tubes to find the one you want.

I also liked the how the quiver is dropped down and angled on your hip. This to me allowed for easier grabbing of the arrows while also making it more comfortable on my hip and less intrusive to my draw. This quiver comes in multiple colors to let you choose your style. The styling is simple one tone color with a small Bohning logo at the top. It looks sharp.

The weight is minimal making it great for longer 3D shoots where you need to walk longer distances. The best part of this quiver is the price. I was able to purchase mine for only $24.00 on ebay…brand new. I waited until I got in to buy the Bohning belt and im glad i did. I was able to find a matching black military style belt that fit perfectly, at my local army navy. You can wear this on your regular belt, however having a thicker belt helps with comfort and ease of use. Going for the military style belt with the plastic clipping buckle worked great and only cost $8.00 instead of $24.00 for the Bohning. Either way you cant go wrong.

This hip quiver is just what i was looking for, for the range and particularly 3D shooting. The only downfall with this quiver is I dont get to use everday. Great product and I highly recommend.

Manufacturer’s Specs for the Bohning hip quiver:

  • Five tubes for more capacity!
  • Made of durable, lightweight cordura with an embroidered Bohning Archery logo.
  • Features five arrow tubes, two zipper pockets, an easy access side pocket and accessory clip.
  • Available in black, red, blue, or pink.

Review of the Vista Wrangler hip quiver

Vista Wrangler side hip quiver

Vista Wrangler hip quiver

Review Status:

This Vista Wrangler hip quiver was reviewed by a master Outdoorsman

Even though I’ve used the Vista™ Wrangler hip quiver I want to hear your thoughts as well. Leave your comments and rating of this quiver below.

Manufacturer’s Specs:

  • 19″ Long
  • Score card slot
  • Pencil slots
  • 12″ x 4 1/2″ x 2″ pocket
  • Adjustable clip on design
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Reversible from right hand to left hand.

Outdoorsman Review:

I base most of my purchasing decisions on need and price. I guess that I would call myself a minimalist when it comes to buying things. This practice of mine lead me to the Vista™ Wrangler hip quiver. It was pretty inexpensive, has three tubes for carrying a bunch of arrows, and some storage capacity.

I like to carry a lot of arrows on 3D shoots just in case I loose some. I also try to make sure I have enough arrows to take some of those random “I bet I can hit that” shots. The Wrangler has plenty of room for my needs. I am able to comfortably fit 9 arrows and squeeze 12 arrows in this quiver.

The Wrangler has a side pouch that is strapped to the side of the main quiver. It also is positioned by a velcro patch that is supposed to keep it from moving. I didn’t find the velcro to hold really well but it doesn’t cause a problem.

The pouch itself is actually pretty roomy for being only 12″ x 4 1/2″. I am able to fit my buck knife, 2 allen wrench sets, my cell phone, and my wallet in it at the same time.

The quiver comes with the typical bent metal “S” hook to attach it to your belt. I’ve always found this type of hook to be uncomfortable so I just bent it a tad and it seems a bit more comfortable.

All in all the Vista™ Wrangler is a good quiver.

What I like about the Vista Wrangler hip quiver:

I really liked the price for this quiver. You can spend a lot on a quiver and get about the same features as the Wrangler. I also like the storage pouch.

What I don’t like so much:

I’m not real fond of the huge Vista™ logo on the side. They could have made it a bit smaller.

Have you used this quiver? Leave your comments below.