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Axcel Armortech Bow Sight Review

Axcel Armortech Bow Sight

Axcel Armortech Bow Sight

Review Status:

The Axcel Armortech bow sight was reviewed by a master Outdoorsman

Are you using Axcel’s® Armortech bow sight on your bow? Are you using just the Aromortech or the HD version with the harmonic dampeners? Tell other toxophilites what you think of the Armortech by leaving a comment below.

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(2/13/11) The review for the Axcel Armortech sight was provided by Tim T. from Omaha, Nebraska. Thank you Tim for the review.

Outdoorsman Review:

I just recently switched to Axcel Armortech Bow Sight 5 .019″ pins, and I love it. The adaptability of this sight is probably the best I’ve seen in the price range that it falls into. There are 3 different mounting holes in the bracket for every set up. The actual sight housing has two different spaces to mount to giving you more left, right and elevation if needed. The 2nd and 3rd axis adjustments are very easy to make. The sight pins are tool-less micro adjustable as a group or individual with use of an allen wrench to set them to the adjustment dial. The harmonic dampener helps to keep the sight quiet.

Once I changed to this sight I was amazed. When Armortech says “Built like a tank , fine tuned like a sports car” they meant it. All the fibers are protected but yet when you view them through the sight you can see the well. The T.C.V. is the true center vision. Even if you are slightly off center you see the pins in the center of the housing. The sight is a little heavier then some but nothing too serious.

All in all the Axcel Armortech Bow Sight is great sight for the money and I’m a satisfied customer.

Manufacturer’s Specs for the Armortech:

The Armortech packs a punch with it’s superior patent pending technology, innovative design, and deadly accuracy. The Armortech features fibers that are protected their entire length by Axcel’s A.F.T. (Armor Fiber Technology) and an innovative scope design T.C.V. (True Center Vision.) All Armortech sights are available with 4, 5, or, 7 pins in .010, .019, or .029 inch diameter fiber size. Available with the all new HS (High Speed) option.

True Center Vision (T.C.V.) Technology

T.C.V. is provided due to the “hour glass” or “venturi” shape inside the scope which supplies a circular sight picture reference even when viewed slightly off-centered.

Armor Fiber Technology (A.F.T.)

Armor Fiber Technology provides 100% protection to fibers that are fully enclosed inside tubing.