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Apex Axim bow sight

Apex Axim Site Specs

Apex Axim Site Specs

All right! This is not a review for the Apex Axim. I thought I might give you my first impression of the Axim as I see it in the packaging.

My impression is… I want one dammit. The Axim is just a nice bow sight.

You see. I can not give a review for it as we are giving the Apex Axim away.

I just picked it up for the January giveaway and I’m a bit envious.

I called Bass Pro early this morning to see if they had the Axim in stock because they were apparently out of stock online. Thinking that I would have no luck as I always do; the associate on the other end said “I’ve never heard of Apex.”

I told him that I saw it online and perhaps he could check stock.

After a few minutes which seemed liked (well just about a few minutes) he came back and told me that he had one more in stock.

“Hold it!” I said. I need one of these. He said “we can only hold it for 24 hours.”

I said… “FU! forget it. I don’t want it.”

So. Of course I bought it so we can give it to one lucky winner like you. And. Here’s the best part. You get to help your fellow archer by entering to win the Axim and leaving a review for an outdoor product that you are passionate about.

And so there you have it. Not a great story. But…

We’ve got the Axim ready for one lucky winner for our January ’11′ giveaway.

Oh. And if you can’t read the specs on the package… here it is:

Specs for the Apex Axim:

  • Unique dual-end fiber design allows for increased brightness and compact size.
  • Extra-long fully protected wrapped fibers.
  • Stainless Steel tubes fully protect fibers for greater durability.
  • Precision pin alignment system eliminates distortion.
  • Accepts 1.87″ scope lens. (Of course this is not included and we just can’t f’ing find where you can get one of these.)
  • Glow in the dark shooters ring for peep sight alignment.
  • Large circular field of view (FOV.)
  • Aperture has 1.8 inch inner diameter for the lens that you probably can’t find immediately.
  • Adjustable level has two vertical bars.
  • Includes removable, micro push-button light. (Which; by the way is a real nice thing to have when you are hunting at dusk.)
  • Ultra fine, micro-click adjustment for windage AND elevation. (Tool-less design.)
  • Laser markings for windage, elevation, and pin adjustments.
  • Reversible bracket for greater vertical adjustability.
  • For both right and south paws.
  • Fully assembled.

Apex Gear Atomic Single Pin Bow Sight Review

Apex Gear Atomic Single Pin Bow Sight

Apex Gear Atomic Single Pin Bow Sight

Review Status:

The Apex Atomic bow sight was reviewed by a master Outdoorsman

Have you used the Atomic single pin bow sight? Tell others what you think about this sight by leaving a comment below.

Buy the Apex Gear Atomic Single Pin Bow Sight

Outdoorsman Review:

(1/13/11) The review for the Apex Atomic bow sight was provided by Chapman F. from somewhere in Ohio. Thank you Chapman for your review. I still cant wrap my head around how the single pins work. Of course I’m a multi-pin sight guy myself.

This sight is really worth the 50 bucks. It is made of metal and not plastic like some of the cheaper bowsights. Most sights 50 bucks or under are cheaply made meaning that they are either plastic or the screw holes strip out very easily. The atomic doesn’t. It was very easy to tune. Only took about 15 minutes. The only withdraw is that you have to aim low on the target for closer distances and higher for longer distances.

For example; sight it in to 30 yards. Aim low if the target is at 20 yards and high if it is at 40 yards. Also, the pin itself is very bright and if you dont like the pin coming from the bottom, flip the sight and put the pin on top. Overall a great product. I will be using again.

Manufacturer’s Specs for the Atomic:

  • Single 0.029” or 0.019″ diameter fiber to simplify sight picture.
  • Extra-long, fully integrated/protected wrapped fiber.
  • Innovative pivoting elevation bracket reduces the number of sight components.
  • Thin vertical metal blade supports fiber while increasing visibility.
  • One-piece all metal head.
  • Ultra light and compact size.
  • Large circular field of view.
  • Aperture has 1.8” inner diameter.
  • Glow-in-the-dark shooter’s ring helps align peep sight.
  • Level has two vertical bars.
  • Adjustable for left and right handed users.
  • Laser markings for windage & elevation adjustments.
  • Violet LED light included.