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OutdoorsmanReview Store - Phinex Diagnostic Ph Test Strips, 80ct -2 pack (160 strips) Results in 15 Seconds Balance Your pH today
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Product Details
Phinex Diagnostic Ph Test Strips, 80ct -2 pack (160 strips) Results in 15 Seconds Balance Your pH today

Phinex Diagnostic Ph Test Strips, 80ct -2 pack (160 strips) Results in 15 Seconds Balance Your pH today
From Phinex

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Product Description

Phinex pH Acid/Alkaline Test Strips

The Early Warning pH Test Kit That Could Save Your (And Your Pet's) Life!

Did You Know That Your Body's High Acid Level Is An "Invisible Killer?"

For those of you who have been healthy but now you just don't feel right the problem might be your body's acid level.

If you could look inside your body and get an accurate assessment of its health, would you do it?

Of course you would!

Well now you can! With Phinex pH test strips you can feel safe knowing your kit is accurate, reliable, has more vivid colors and a wider range of readings than most pH test kits.

If you (or your pet) are suffering from:

• Low energy

• Over Weight

• Poor digestion

• Aches and pains

• Diabetes

Your body could be burning up inside due to an acid/alkaline imbalance.

But before you grab just any pH test kit you need to know that not all test strips are created equal.

The Phinex pH test strips are brightly colored and easier to read than other test strips. An accurate reading is essential for knowing the ideal, disease free #7 pH range in your body. For this reason you want to stay away from cheap litmus paper kits that are harder to read, bleed when wet and give inaccurate readings.

The Phinex single pad, full range pH test strips are:

• Easily read with increments from 4.5 to 9.0

• Simple to use

• Made of Professional Grade material

• Come with a double color head

• Do not bleed when using

Order now by clicking on the orange button on top of the page and know that your body is getting the best preventative care available. Your purchase comes with Amazon's 100% money back guarantee.

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #6319 in Health and Beauty
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  • Super sensitive and accurate- 15 seconds results
  • Wide range of 4.5 - 9.0
  • Easier to read than pH paper-No bleeding, no mess
  • 25 pH unit increments- Practitioner preferred
  • Measures Urine and Saliva

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

338 of 352 people found the following review helpful.
4Seem pretty accurate. Container could be a little more user friendly
By Artoo
Because we wanted to be sure that the pH strips we were purchasing were accurate, we bought two different types. We bought these (the Phinex) strips and we also bought the "PHion Balance PHion Diagnostic Ph Test Strips, 90-Count"

Our family tested out both of the different strips over a few weeks and found that these strips (the Phinex) were much more accurate than the PHion strips.

Water should have a pH of 7.0 so, assuming that our water is what it should be, we tested these strips and they were right on 7.0 from our water.

We tested the other strips (the PHion) and they tested the water as 6.5-6.75.

Testing ourselves, we found that the other strips (the PHion) tested more acidic than the Phinex.

The only thing that we don't like about these strips (the Phinex) is that they come in a plastic container that makes it hard to get the lid on and off. It would be so much better if they came in a little bottle like the PHion do.

You'll want to be careful when opening these from their little container box that you don't pull too hard or when the cap finally does come off, some of the strips may go flying with the force (the force of you pulling that is, not The Force :)

What really got us started on testing our pH was reading the book The pH Miracle which had some very good background on why pH levels are so important, success stories, and recipes that our family enjoys quite a bit. Some of the theories are just that, theories, but the evidence that we do know and is presented in the book is pretty good.

Stay alkaline.

143 of 162 people found the following review helpful.
4NOT-Defective (Phinex Diagnostic Ph 80ct - 2 pack)
By rmk
This is my original:After reading a review, I tested both packs with distilled water (should be close to 7), both measured around 5.5 or so.
Then got a NaCl IV from a doctor friend. this one supposed to be very close to blood ph of 7.35-7.45. they measured 5.5 and 5.75 or so.
I'm returning it. Not happy at all as I bought it based on reviews. Darn it, it should NOT be difficult to measure PH level.

This is the Edited version: I was wrong. after reading more about it, it does not work on water. I did more testing, and it's actually pretty good. I moved it form 1 to 4 stars. the missing info that took me at 2 hours worth or reading should not be missing, that's why not 5 stars.

17 of 17 people found the following review helpful.
5pH Strips Work
By Lisa Castro
I ordered pH strips to test saliva. pH strips are easy to read and accurate. I have access to a lab at my work and tested the accuracy of the pH strips to a calibrated pH probe. The strips read comparable to the calibrated probe. Good value...I will continue ordering.

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