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Cuddeback Capture Scouting Camera Review

Cuddeback Capture Scouting Camera

Cuddeback Capture Scouting Camera

Review Status:

The Cuddeback Capture scouting camera requires review

Are you using the Cuddeback® Capture™ to capture your game on camera? Tell others how you like this camera by leaving a review.

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Outdoorsman Review:

The Cuddeback® Capture™ scouting camera has not yet been reviewed. Submit your review of this camera to let others know if the Capture is a must have camera.

Manufacturer’s Specs for the Capture™:


  • Centered Subject Technology™
  • Trigger speed: < 1/3 second (hair trigger)
  • Battery life: extra long
  • Megapixels: 3.0
  • User interface: Simple super setup
  • Time of operation: 24 hours
  • Delays: 30 seconds – 30 minutes
  • Media: SD card
  • Operation: Rotary switch
  • Weatherproof housing
  • 3-D Reality Camo housing
  • Date and Time on image
  • Compact design
  • Tree attachment: strap


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