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OXY Elim-A-Scent Pro Scent Eliminator

OXY Elim-A-Scent Pro Scent Eliminator

Review Status:

The Elim-A-Scent Pro was reviewed by a master Outdoorsman

Have you used Oxy’s Elim-A-Scent™ Pro to get rid of your stink? Did it work or did it leave your stink for your loved ones to ponder? Let other hunters know what you think of the Elim-A-Scent™ Pro by leaving a comment below.

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Outdoorsman Review:

The Elim-A-Scent Pro was reviewed by the now not so stinky Rodger K. from El Cajon, CA. Thanks again Rodger for the review.

I’ve never owned a scent-blocking product before, so I picked up this OXY item with an open mind….or at least with no preconceived notions.

I keep most of my gear/garb in a closet at home, so I stuck the Elim-A-Scent in a corner of the closet space and left it alone for a few hours. I’m sure most people will use it immediately after a run, or leave it in operation all night. This was a test use for me, so one afternoon seemed sufficient. And I was pleasantly surprised to find that it cleaned up my odors pretty completely, or as far as I could detect. I don’t have a great sense of smell, but I tend to sweat a lot, and I didn’t smell anything.


The jury may still be out on scent blockers, but they obviously work to some degree. I plan on using additional methods to hide scent, but I will definitely keep the Elim-A-Scent in my arsenal.

Manufacturer’s Specs for the Elim-A-Scent™ Pro:

The Elim-A-Scent pro is ideal for Closets, Sheds, Large Camo, Storage Boxes, Laundry Rooms, Mudrooms, Bathrooms, Lockers, and other places you want to rid odors. It eliminates Human Scent, Alarming Odors, Cigarette Smoke, Gas/Exhaust Fumes, Bacteria/Germs, Viruses, Chemicals/Chemical Fumes, Mold/Mildew, Pet Odors, Food Odors & More!

Kill human scent and alarming odors dead in their tracks with the power of nature…

The Oxy Elim-A-Scent™ Pro utilizes the power of a 120 VAC adapter to deodorize areas up to 50 sq. ft. This innovative device utilizes Oxyion™ tehnology, a proprietary blend of Activated Oxygen (O3) to and negative ions, to deodorize and sanitize even the strongest odors and bacteria. The Oxy Elim-A-Scent™ Pro offers the final protection in a complete scent control regimen for hunters. The ultimate electronic scent control.

Run it in LOW Mode for general daily deodorization. Switch to HI Mode when you have come into contact with strong/alarming odors and need emergency descenting.

The Oxy Elim-A-Scent Pro includes:

  • Pro Unit
  • 120VAC power adapter
  • 12VDC vehicle adapter
  • Mounting Hardware


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