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Butt-Out Field Dressing Tool

Hunter's Specialties Butt Out Tool

Hunter's Specialties Butt Out Tool

Review Status:

The Butt Out was reviewed by a master Outdoorsman

Have you used the Butt Out? I mean when field dressing your deer. Not personally. At least I hope. I digress. Well; if you have used it then let other hunters know if it is a time saver by leaving a comment below.

Hunter Specialties Butt Out 2

(1/30/11) And for Patrick’s grand finale (pun intended;) he’s left us with another fine review for the Butt Out 2. Well it’s really for the original but it wouldn’t have rhymed. Thanks again Patrick. By the way; you forgot to tell us what you liked about this tool.

Outdoorsman Review:

How does a person do a review on a tool like the Butt-Out field dressing tool and keep a straight face while doing it? Whether you’re making faces because of where you stick it and what you do with it, or you’re rolling on the floor laughing because of where you stick it and what you do with it, the fact of the matter is that the Butt-Out is a useful tool to add to your field dressing arsenal. There are somedecent youtube videos on using it, but there are also several really crappy examples of what not to do.

The Butt-Out is a tool designed to make it easier to remove the anal and alimentary canals of a deer. The Butt-Out is a major improvement over just cutting around the deer’s no-longer-puckered sphincter muscle, as you reduce your risk of puncturing the intestine and contaminating the meat. Hopefully you are smart enough to shoot and kill the deer before trying to use this tool, as I don’t recommend trying to sneak up and use it on one still living. The deer might take exception to that. If you kill it first, you won’t hear any bleats of protest, won’t get kicked, and will not be considered a sicko by your fellow hunters.

The Butt-Out tool comes in two varieties. The original Butt-Out and the Butt-Out 2. Both tools are made of hard blaze orange plastic so that you won’t lose it when you set it down on the ground as you grab the deer’s hind legs and position it for it’s proctology exam. The Butt-Out 2 improves on the Butt-Out by extending the handle and providing a disc that acts as a stop to let you know when you’ve rammed the tool far enough into the deer’s… well… yeah. If you don’t know by now, then you need a deer anatomy class before you go
hunting again.

Lay the deer on its side or back and slowly insert the Butt-Out into the anal canal, either to the stop, or to the handle, depending on which model you have. Give a turn, and then a 1/2 turn more when you feel the barbs grab the intestine. SLOWLY pull the Butt-Out… well… out about 10″ or so to expose the intestine. You can then tie off the intestine with string, twine, paracord, your shoelace, or whatever, and cut through it about 1″ from the end of the Butt-Out. Gut the deer the way you normally would, and when you dump the intestines, the tied off end will come through the body cavity intact. Yes, it really is that simple. I’ve used it on four deer so far, and it sure beats the crap out of cutting around the anal canal. It has been a great time saver, even when taking time to make faces about the entire process.

Make sure you do not watch the youtube videos of clueless people who don’t follow directions and rip the Butt-Out completely out of the deer along with a couple feet of the intestine. If you enjoy contaminated meat, then by all means, do what they do. Just don’t invite me over for deer steaks.

Manufacturer’s Specs for the Butt Out 2:

Hunter’s Specialties® has taken their revolutionary Butt Out® Big Game Dressing Tool and made it even better.

The new Butt Out 2 is an extra 2” longer than the original, making it easier to maintain a firm grip on the handle during field dressing chores.

The enhanced “Butt Stop” feature molded into the handle makes it easier to keep the Butt Out inserted to the proper length when removing the animal’s alimentary canal.

The Butt Out 2 works for deer, antelope, bear, hogs, and similar-sized big game. Simply insert the Butt Out 2 into the animal’s alimentary canal, twist and pull to remove a portion of the intestine, which can then be tied off and removed. This eliminates having to cut around the area with a knife, making the field dressing process quicker, safer, and easier.


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