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Mission Menace Compound Bow Review

Mathews Mission Menace

Mathews Mission Menace

Review Status:

The Mission Menace was reviewed by a master Outdoorsman

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Outdoorsman Review:

(1/15/11) The review for the Mission Menace was sent to us by Patrick R. from Hutchinson, Kansas. Good to hear from another Mathews shooter. I’m shooting the Maniac.

I purchased a Mission Menace for my 10y.o. son after his Martin Tiger warped, making it impossible to shoot accurately. My wife and I don’t have a ton of money to keep upgrading bows as the boys grow bigger (all 7 of them), so having a bow with a wide range of adjustment is very important to us.

Having been out of the archery world since I was a teenager, everything was new to me as I tried to figure out what to get my son. I happened upon the Mission Menace at our local shop and was intrigued by the incredibly large range of adjustability, both in draw length and in draw weight. My son is right handed, but left-eye dominant, so he has the disadvantage of trying to draw a bow with his weak arm. The Menace looked like it would fit the bill for him for a few years until he grows old enough to bowhunt.

Adjusting the Menace is incredibly easy, as it only takes the removal of one allen screw on each cam to adjust the draw length module. This has come in very handy, as my son’s draw length has changed slightly as his form has improved. I am a tried and true lefty, and since I
don’t have a bow yet, I am also able to shoot my son’s Menace by adjusting the modules to my draw length and increasing the draw weight. Yes, it really is that adjustable.

Even though the Menace is adjustable enough for an adult to shoot it, it really is designed to be a youth bow. It is very light, and with a simple sight and Hostage rest on it, my son is able to shoot for extended periods of time as long as his draw arm doesn’t get tired.

What I like about it:
The weight is very acceptable, and it is a good value considering how adjustable it is. The finish is top notch, and it doesn’t try to rip my son’s arm out of its socket if he lets down.

What I’m not a fan of:
While it is very adjustable, it is limited in some respect. Even though the bow is rated at 16-52#, only someone with a 30″ draw length will ever hit the 52# max. At my draw length of 27″ the max the bow can be adjusted to is 49#. As my son gets stronger, he won’t be able
to increase his maximum past 45# until his draw length gets much, much longer. This is the one thing, I think, that limits the Menace to a youth bow and not really a hunting bow. While 45# might be enough to take a deer, I would prefer my son to have a stronger bow before he ventures into the woods to kill a deer.

I don’t see the Menace sticking around long since Mathews introduced their Mission Craze for 2011, which has the same adjustable draw length, but with a wider range of draw weight adjustment, going from 15-70#, all with the same limbs and cams. If you are looking for a bow to grow with your child who may not be interested in hunting, the Menace will fit the bill nicely. If you’re on a budget and need to get one bow that s/he could use from childhood into adulthood, then it may not be the one.

Manufacturer’s Specs for the Menace:

  • IBO Rating: Universal CAM (N/A)
  • Axle to Axle: 31 inches
  • Brace height: 7.25 inches
  • Let off: up to 70%
  • Extruded riser
  • Finish: Max 4 HD or Black / Real Tree / Advantage Max 4 HD
  • Draw weight: 16 – 52 pounds
  • Draw length: 17 – 30 inches
  • Silencers: D-Amplifiers™
  • CAMs: Dual Perim/weighted
  • Carbon rod cable guard
  • Zebra® Hybrid bowstrings
  • Composite grip
  • String length: 55 3/4 inches
  • Cable length: 33 7/8 inches


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