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BowTech S.W.A.T Compound Bow Review

BowTech SWAT Compound Bow

BowTech SWAT Compound Bow

Review Status:

The BowTech SWAT was reviewed by a master Outdoorsman

Have you shot the SWAT? Rhyme’s don’t it. If you have shot BowTech’s SWAT then let other archers know what you think of it by leaving a comment below.

(2/9/11) The review for the BowTech SWAT was left for us by Hunter C. Thanks Hunter for the review. By the way. Fitting name.

Outdoorsman Review:

The Bowtech SWAT is like something I have never shot or seen before. With the new style of this super parallel bow it makes each and every shot very nice. The bow comes with a factory hush kit I recommend replacing with sims silencers as well as the limb savers. The string stop is built very well and really dampens the sound down. The strings are also very great for factory strings. I have run nearly 3000 arrows through it and it looks new to this day. The bow also has a invelvet finish on it that makes it feel soft to the touch and warming on those 20 degree mornings in the stand. Something else on this that is like no other is the rotating module. You can basically get any draw from 26″ to 31″ with no press or parts to change, just spin the module and your good to go.

Now onto how it shoots, its pretty simple. Its great, the bow has a great grip that holds nice and is also light. Also the bow has no jump to it at all. The bow is completly “dead in the hand”. The first shot you literally dont know it fired. One downfall is speed though, its not the fastest bow out today but I sacrifice that to gain the amazing shootability of the bow. Overall its a great choice for newbies as well as pro archery shooters.

Manufacturer’s Specs for the SWAT:

  • Brace height: 7 1/8 inches
  • IBO Speed: 314 – 322 feet per second
  • Axle to axle: 34 1/32 inches
  • Kinetic energy: 80.6 foot-pounds
  • Draw length: 26 – 31 inches
  • Adjustable let-off: 65% – 80%
  • Draw weight: 50, 60, 70 pounds

Rotating Mod System

Unlike most bows on the market today, BowTech bows do not require a new cam or module to set your draw length. Simply remove the module screws, rotate the module, and re-tighten. At least six inches of draw length adjustment and an infinite draw stop feature is available on most BowTech bows, allowing for custom draw length tuning for yourself or others.

BowTech Factory Strings

BowTech is widely regarded for the best factory strings “out of the box”. The secret is literally in the hands. BowTech strings are handmade in the USA to machine-grade tolerances. The string has exactly the same amount of twist across its entire length. Each individual string is precisely wound to within 1/32″ difference in length and subjected to 450 pounds of tension for 3 times longer than necessary to eliminate creep. No other manufacturer matches this process today. The result is no serving separation, no peep rotation and absolute stability with proper dealer setup.

Available Finishes

The S.W.A.T is available in Realtree Hardwoods Green HD®. The optional Octane accessory package includes an Octane BantamWeight quiver, 7″ stabilizer, Hostage Pro capture rest, 5-pin fiber optic sight, braided wrist sling and metal peep sight.


You must feel the difference to believe it. The bow is actually soft to the touch, insulates hands from cold winter weather, dampens noise and protects from dings and scratches. Unaffected by common chemicals such as insect repellents or scent sprays, it is the most durable over-coating on the market.


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