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Trophy Ridge Judge Bow Sight Review

Trophy Ridge Judge Bow Sight

Trophy Ridge Judge Bow Sight

Review Status:

The Judge bow sight was reviewed by a master Outdoorsman

What do you think of Trophy Ridge’s Judge? Easy to sight in? Can you really do it in 10 minutes or less? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment below.

Trophy Ridge “Judge” Bow Sight

(2/27/11) The review for the Judge bow sight by Trophy Ridge was left by Arren D. Thanks for another great review Arren.

Outdoorsman Review:

Initial thoughts: Upon the arrival of my Trophy Ridge sight, I thought I was ripped off. The packaging for such an expensive piece of bow hunting equipment was very plain and average. The sight itself appeared to be extremely sturdy and well built. While I would have liked to adjust the sizes of my pins, you are stuck with the .019 that Trophy Ridge provided with the sight.

Installation: The installation of the sight was just like any other sight out there, two screws hold it to the bow. The one big difference is the holes that run along the insert that allows the sight to move closer or farther from the shooter. This could install with either a hand tighten screw or an allen head screw. I opted for the allen head, as I knew my bow was fast enough to use the farther position.

Appearance: The sight actually looks extremely sexy. The lining around the housing is glow in the dark, absorbing light all day to improve your shot during dusk. I actually tested this at dusk and it worked great, I was easily able to pick up the housing in my peep and with a flick of the wrist I turned on the light, allowing me to make a perfect 30 yard shot with minimal light outside.

Functionality: Trophy Ridge put this sight out there to allow for a quick and easy sighting in. After sighting in your 20 yard pin you move the gold hand screw on top to sight in your 30. After your 30 is sighted in, you are good out to 60. I tested this out by sighting in as quickly as I could. I went from installation to sighted in at 50 yards (I do not have room for 60 at my house) in 10 minutes. I stacked arrows at 20, 30, 40, and put three in the lungs at 50. This actually amazed me, as normally it takes me the better part of an afternoon to sight in to 40.

Overall thoughts: I have shot numerous sights and really like this one. I will use another for 3D but will use this for hunting purposes. The only thing I would have liked to have seen is the ability to change the pin sizes. At 50 yards the .019 pin is extremely large compared to my target, I can’t imagine what the 60 yard pin would look like on a small deer sized target. I am confident that I could take out a deer sized target at 50 yards if the conditions were perfect though.

I would give this sight 4 out of 5 stars. Price is a little high, most people do not trust Trophy Ridge for that amount. Also, having the ability to change the pin size would have been a great addition to this product.

Manufacturer’s Specs for the Judge:

The Judge® utilizes the most technologically-advanced sighting system ever designed. Forget about spending hours sighting-in your bow – you’ll be done in 10 minutes. Life is too short. Spend it hunting, not sighting-in.

  • Adjustable Sight Mount - Adjust distance of sight from riser for optimum shot accuracy and clarity. Quick attach and detach.
  • Rheostat sight light included
  • Aluminum sight housing
  • Micro Adjustment
  • 18″ of .019 Fiber Optic for each pin


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