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Trophy Ridge Alpha V5 bow sight review

Trophy Ridge Alpha V5

Trophy Ridge Alpha V5

Review Status:

This Trophy Ridge Alpha V5 bow sight requires review

Have you used the Trophy Ridge Alpha V5 bow sight? Leave a review for this bow sight. (I haven’t used this sight but I saw one at the Lake Henshaw Bear State Archers Big Buck shoot on July 25th and I think I want one.)

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Manufacturer’s Specs:

The Alpha V5™ sight is a rugged, precise instruments with Exclusive Trophy Ridge® Vertical In-Line Pin Technology for a dramatically increased field of view. And that’s just the beginning.

  • Lightweight, Rugged housing.
    • Aluminum for the Alpha V5
  • 18″ of .019 Fiber Optic for each pin
  • Metal injection molded (MIM) steel pins.
  • No snap fiber routing system.
    • Individual fiber channel keeps optics out of harms way.
  • Contrast glo ring with special distribution technology.
    • Helps you effortlessly align the peep to the sight ring.
  • Tic pins.
  • Reference marks.
  • Sight level with third axis adjustibility.

Outdoorsman Review:

Even though I don’t have one of these sights I just wanted to leave a comment. I saw this sight at a 3D shoot. I have always used a horizontal pin sight. I saw a fellow shooter using a vertical sight. I couldn’t figure out how you would split pins with this sight so I asked the guy how you did this.

He let me hold his bow that had the Trophy Ridge Alpha V5 and as soon as I held it up to sight on a target I just “got it.”

The way to use this sight is to align the vertical risers with each other so they are (for lack of a better way to explain this) skinny. The less metal that you see the better. Then you put the pin on the target. If you need to split the pins then it’s actually pretty easy. You can still see the target.

Even though I don’t own one of these sights I think it might be worth the investment.

Since I don’t own the Alpha V5 I can’t say that this was reviewed by a Master Outdoorsman. We’re still looking for someone who owns this sight to review it. Have you used the Trophy Ridge Alpha V? If you have leave a review.


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