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Carbon Express TORRID 100 Broadhead Review

Carbon Express TORRID 100 Broadhead

Carbon Express TORRID 100 Broadhead

Review Status:

The TORRID Broadhead was reviewed by a master Outdoorsman

What do you think of Carbon Express’s® TORRID™ Broadhead? Do you like them? Have you found them to be dull as Arren did? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

Get it now Carbon Express TORRID 100 Broadhead

(4/29/11) The review for the TORRID 100 Broadhead was left for us by Arren D. Thanks Arren for the review. You’re becoming a regular around here.

Outdoorsman Review:

Initial thoughts/Design:
This broadhead can be found for around $25 online for a package of 3. The heads are 1.5″ cutting diameter and are three bladed with a large cutting head to open wound. The blades are held in place by a rubber band, so can be shot out of high speed bows. They open much like Grim Reaper style broadheads, the flesh will pull the blades back upon entrance. The broadhead is well built and the ferrule is painted black, which in theory should reduce drag both in the air and in meat.

One word, DULL! In the package of 3 I received 2 broadheads that I would NEVER use on a deer because they are so dull. The last of the broadheads was not very sharp but noticeably sharper than the first two.

The broadhead hit within 1 inch of field point zero every time I shot it. So they are VERY accurate.

Overall thoughts:
While this broadhead will not take the place of my Grim Reaper, Bloodrunner 2, or Rage 2; it will become my turkey broadhead of choice. The large blade on the front should easily penetrate a turkey which should stop any sort of deflection. I would give this broadhead a 3/5 because a dull blade does not belong on a broadhead. If Carbon Express can remedy this, the Torrid could become a GREAT whitetailbroadhead of choice. With sharp blades I could easily give this a 4.5/5 because the price is right for deer hunters. My only concern would be if you accidentally hit the shoulder, the front tip could bend back and not penetrate well.

Manufacturer’s Specs for the TORRID 100 Broadhead:

  • Field point accuracy and dependable blade retention system
  • Large cutting diameter with bone crushing lead blade for maximum penetration
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum ferrule
  • Weight: 100 grain
  • Cutting Diameter: 1 1/2 inch
  • Blade thickness: .031 inch


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