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VanHandle Death Grip Bow Grip Review

VanHandle Death Grip

VanHandle Death Grip Bow Grip

Review Status:

The Death Grip bow grip was reviewed by a master Outdoorsman

Are using VanHandle’s Death Grip bow grip to eliminate torque? If you are; let us know what you think of it by leaving a comment below. Personally; I’m not sure if I’d pay money to eliminate torque while shooting. I just rest my fingertips on the front of the riser just in front of the grip and it prevents me from grabbing the grip after taking a shot. Just my 2 cents.

(4/20/11) The review for the Death Grip was left for us by Joshua F. from Danvers, Illonois. Thanks Joshua for the review. I guess that I’d need to try one before being convinced.

Outdoorsman Review:

I purchased a Bowtech Assassin 2011 Black Ops in March. I had the bow for about 2 weeks and put 60 arrows through it a day to attempt to break it in. After the 2 weeks I was dead set on returning it. I stopped at a Deer Classic Show and was sold on the “Death Grip”.

I installed in on my bow in about 20 minutes, the instructions were clear and were also on the website for further reference. I couldn’t actually test it for 24 hours due to an adhesive curing. The next day I popped on the grip to the bearings (part of it’s action) and fired a few arrows. I almost dropped the bow in amazement. I went from pulling groupings low left 4-6″, to dead center. Out of 10 arrows right away I killed the nocks and vanes on 6 of them. I thought it was a fluke so I shot the next 7 days in different locations and weather just to see if it was all in my head. I constantly had the same results. It was the best $100 investment for my bow I could ever have made.

They do not make the grip for every bow, but they are trying to stay on top of the most popular ones. If they don’t have it listed I would recommend calling or emailing. VanHandle also loves to hear success stories. I now have been in a few local competitions and after seeing my results it has generated some more sales for them. It’s more than just a good product, it’s a great asset!!

Manufacturer’s Specs for the Death Grip:

  • The only 100% torque free grip available
  • Internal rubber dampening for silent shock free operation
  • Gives the archer previously unheard of consistency
  • Wear heavy gloves and clothing with no effect on arrow flight
  • 5 stainless steel sealed ball bearings
  • All stainless steel hardware, 6061 aluminum
  • Comfortable instead of thin and cold
  • Shoot with more confidence
  • Easy installation
  • Faster target acquisition (Not sure how a grip affects this?)
  • Set your sight and forget it
  • Simplifies bow tuning
  • Consistent paper tears
  • Improved broadhead flight


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