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Trophy Ridge Drop Slide Vertical drop away arrow rest

Trophy Ridge Drop Slide Vertical drop away rest

Review Status:

This Trophy Ridge Drop Slide drop down rest requires review

Have you used the Trophy Ridge® Drop Slide™ vertical drop away rest? Tell others how it works for you. Is it as good as a traditional drop away rest? What makes it a good rest? Write a review for the Drop Slide™ arrow rest.

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Manufacturer’s Specs:

There’s nothing else like it in hunting. There’s nothing more friction-free and faster. And there’s nothing more capable of staying fast over years of use. Trophy Ridge left one outside for a year’s worth of rain, sun, dirt and dust. It was as quick, smooth and quiet after one year as it was the day they put it out there. The secret is the recirculating track of ball bearings. Plus, rubber dampeners mean no metal-to-metal contact to the launcher arm – it’s a silent draw and drop. It’s also ultra-compact for less weight and maximum clearance around quivered arrows.

  • Stainless steel recirculating ball bearing slide.
  • Rock solid dual bolt mounting.
  • No stretch cable.
  • Easy center shot adjustment.
  • Precise height adjustment cap screw.
  • Includes optional arrow launcher arm that allows you to customize the Drop Slide to any shooting preference.

Outdoorsman Review:

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