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New Archery Apache Arrow Rest Review

Apache Arrow Rest

New Archery Apache Arrow Rest

Review Status:

Reviewed by an Outdoorsman

How does the Apache drop down rest compare to the Trophy Taker Xtreme FC Top Slot fall away arrow rest? Leave your comments below.

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Manufacturer’s Specs:

New for 2010 is the full containment Apache Capture drop away arrow rest. Super quick operation along with 360 degree sound dampening mean whisper quiet operation, no matter what. The Apache does not require any wrenches or other tools to make adjustments, just set it and forget it. Laser graduations make fine tuning in the field a snap. Rugged all metal construction is built for any weather conditions, rain or shine. This is truly the ultimate capture drop away rest!

  • Super Quiet Operation
    The Apache is designed with a 360 degree sound dampening pad that won’t let your arrow touch metal or make any noise whatsoever.
  • Preinstalled felt silencer on launch head
    Rugged felt pad pre installed on launcher makes for the quietest drawback possible. Perfectly silent operation with any carbon or aluminum arrow you choose.
  • Quick & Easy Adjustments, no tools needed!
    The Apache features tool-less adjustment knobs for super fast and easy tuning. Just set it and forget it. Adjustments in the field have never been easier.
  • Laser Etched graduations
    Super fine graduations make fine tuning in the field as simple as possible.

Outdoorsman Review:

I purchased the Apache arrow rest a couple of weeks ago to use on my PSE Nova OC bow. I was using a whisker biscuit but wanted to upgrade because the whisker biscuit would have to be replaced every couple of months. This started to get expensive and it just made sense to get a drop away.

I was looking at 3 different drop aways. The QAD, The Ripcord, and the Apache rest. Being limited on funds I was looking for a relatively inexpensive one that also would capture the arrow. All three had this capability but the Apache was a bit different than the QAD and the Ripcord. The QAD and the Ripcord have a way to lock the rest in the up position while the Apache has a “shroud” around the rest that almost completely surrounds the arrow. I was talking to the owner of Advantage Archery about what rests were good and he said that the QAD’s were returned more often than the Ripcords. He recommended the Ripcord but didn’t have much knowledge of the Apache.

I really wanted the Ripcord because a friend of mine has one and it looked cool. He seemed to like it. However; it was a bit more than I wanted to pay. I finally decided on the Apache rest. I brought it home and installed it on the Nova. I was looking forward to using it.

2 days after I bought the Apache rest I bought a new bow so I took it off of the PSE and put it on the Mathews Mission Maniac that I just bought. I never had the chance to use it on the PSE.

Installing the rest was easy. Just attach it to the bow with one bolt and tighten the set screw. Then serve the rest cord through the down string on the bow. (Pardon my rudimentary terminology for the rest cord and down string) I don’t know the correct terms for these. I found out quickly when I installed this rest on the PSE that I didn’t want to serve the cord through the string so I bought one of the “football” clamps (update on using the football clamp – see below) when I installed it on the Maniac. Adjusting the drop timing was also really easy. I just had to loosen the set screw on the rest, pull the bow string back, slowly release, pull about 1/4″ slack through the release, and then tighten the set screw. I checked the drop timing after doing this once and it was set perfect.

On the weekend following putting the rest on the Maniac I brought the bow up to our clubs resident bow tuner and we paper tuned the bow. I really liked the fact that you don’t need tools to adjust the rest. It was fast to get the arrows to fly out of the bow straight.

I immediately brought the bow over to the clubs range and started monkeying with the sights. As soon as the sights were set up I was good to go. Loading the arrows in the Apache rest is somewhat easy. It wasn’t as easy or fast as using the whisker biscuit but it wasn’t bad. I liked that the arrows didn’t fall off of the rest ledge. If it did fall off it was captured by the shroud. When the rest dropped away it was quick. It also is very quiet. The arrows seemed to come out really straight (at least as far as I could tell.)

Football clamp tip:

If you do decide to use the football clamp to attach the drop cord to the down string you should

  1. Make sure it is really tight.
  2. Use serving string above the clamp to make sure it doesn’t slip if it does come loose.

I found out the hard way that you should make sure the drop cord is “very” secure to the down string. I was in the middle of our last summer league round when it slipped on me and I flubbed the last few targets.


I thought that it might be helpful to have the instructions on how to install the Apache drop away rest so here is the manual.

NAP Apache drop down rest user manual

New Archery Products (NAP) user/installation manual

What I like about this rest:

I love the fact that it was easy to set up and the adjustment required no tools. I like the price compared to some of the other comparable drop aways.

What I don’t like so much:

If the arrow doesn’t stay retained on the rest shelf retainer it can hit the riser on the bow or other parts on the bow. When it does this it makes a bit of noise which might not be good when hunting. For target shooting this isn’t such a big deal. For the price I overcame this little problem and I’ll just have to try and be really quite when hunting.

Overall review:

Overall I really like this rest. It is quiet when it drops away, cheap, and easy to time. I would definitely recommend this to others.


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